Methodological tool about Roma Genocide and Music Play “Samudaripen. A Girl from a Wagon”


2018 11 06


Department for National Minorities in cooperation with Youth Department for the Council of Europe and Roma Community Centre host presentation of methodological tool about Roma genocide “The Right to Remember” event on the 6th of November 2018, at 16.00 in Vilnius city Hall (Didžioji street 31, Vilnius).

Methodological tool “The Right to Remember” is designed for everyone working in the field of education and targets young people. It aims to disseminate the information about Roma genocide and fight discrimination. The manual is based on the principle of human rights education. It contains ideas for organization of workshops and remembrance events, and information about Roma genocide.

Guests of the event will be also introduced with traveling exhibition “Persecution of Roma in Lithuania during Nazis Occupation (1941–1944)”. The exhibition was assembled by the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania in 2017 and is dedicated to Roma community in Lithuania affected by Nazis. The pre-war photographs reflect Roma community’s life in Lithuania until 1940.

The event will be followed by music play “Samudaripen. A Girl from a Wagon”. The play is dedicated to the victims of Roma genocide.