Play and Learn. What do You Know About National Minorities of Lithuania?


2020 03 30


Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania invites to take a virtual trip and learn better about the ethnic and national minorities of Lithuania. 

The “Created Lithuania Together” website users and video players can take a virtual tour of multicultural and multinational Lithuanian history. The users can experience the ethnic and national minorities’ life and learn how they promote their heritage and foster cultural values; how they fight for and create independent Lithuania. 

Video “Created Lithuania Together” ( will give the viewers basic information about Lithuanian ethnic and national minorities and their everyday life. The video will also inform about the work of one of the first institutions in East Europe, which is responsible for national minorities’ policy implementation. This institution is the Department of National Minorities of Lithuania under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (departments’ activity was restored in 2015).

Website “Discover the National Minorities of Lithuania” ( will inform the users about the origin of minorities and their history in Lithuania; the activity of minorities’ nongovernmental organizations; and major holidays and culinary heritage. The website will also provide the information and give the access to the material of exhibition “Created Lithuania Together”. Launched two years ago the exhibition travelled through nearly all institutions across the country – museums, libraries, schools, and cultural centres. The information about the events of national minorities soon to come.

Department of National Minorities will launch a video game shorty. The players will be able to check their knowledge about the multinational Lithuania and learn new facts. The players will have to take photos related to a certain national minority’s life, culture, heritage, traditions, and prominent personalities, and upload them. 

During the lockdown, for people who stay at home beyond a small range of limited circumstances, we provide a perfect opportunity to take a virtual trip thanks to virtual reality goggles. Go “Google Maps” to explore native homelands, countryside and villages, towns and cities.

How to connect to the website? Go to your account in social media or fill in a short questionnaire to register. How to paly? To “unlock” any nationality at your choice you have to fill in three entries: People, Food, and Culture. Before uploading your photos be creative, for example make a national meal and take a photo of it, make a painting in a style of famous artist with national minority origin, etc. 

When you complete all tasks related to one national minority, you will be able to review all information about this national minority other players have already uploaded and learn about other ethnic and national minorities.

Most active players who “unlock” the national minorities (Armenians, Azerbaijani, Belarussians, Chechens, Estonians, Greeks, Georgians, Karaites, Kazakhs, Latvians, Poles, Lebanese, Moldavians, Roma, Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Hungarians, Germans, and Jews) will receive special Department prizes.

Construction of website and video “Created Lithuania Together” was financed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The Department invites you to learn more about Lithuania. Let us make the time we spend online more meaningful for the sake of our and others safety.

Create together!