National Communities Board

National Communities Board represents national minorities and acts as a consultative body. It deals with the policy coordination issues related to Lithuanian national minorities. The board invites the representatives of the national minorities into decision making process. It follows the principles of the international laws, the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, other legal acts, and the Regulations of the National Communities Board.

The members of the Board are selected from the national communities’ representatives. The number of the Board members from each national community depends upon the communities’ population as presented in the Population and Housing Census 2011. If the national community’s population is above 100 thousand, then 3 Board members from the community shall be selected into the Board; if the national community’s population is from 10 thousand to 100 thousand – 2 representatives; small up to 10 thousand population national communities have one Board member.

The Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania organised National Communities Board elections in November 2015.

The personal composition of the Board have been approved by the Director of the Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Order No ĮV-47 of 22 December 2015. The order was based on the elections results and followed the

Regulations of the National Communities Board.
The Board elected its president – Mrs Gunta Rone, representing Latvian national community, during its first meeting. 

The National Communities Board 2015–2019:
Sergo Amirgulašvili – “Iberija” Georgian Culture Association of Lithuania, vice chair;
Ruslan Arutiunian – Armenians Union of Lithuania, member;
Liučija Bartkienė – “Dačija” Romanians Culture Community of Lithuania, president;
Jelena Berežok – Public Body “Slavų estetinio lavinimo centras”, president;
Mahiras Gamzajevas – Azerbaijani Community of Lithuania, president;
Hicham Ibrahim – Lebanese Community of Lithuania, member;
Motiejus Jakubauskas – Tartar Community Union of Lithuania, vice president;
Ela Kanaitė – Teachers Association of Russian Schools in Lithuania, president;
Sabina Kanapina – Kazakh community ”Nursaulė” of Lithuania, president;
Božena Karvelienė – Association “Roma Integration House”, president;
Marytė Maslauskaitė – Kaunas German Community, president;
Leonidas Melnikas – Lithuanian Jews Community, member;
Galina Miškinienė – Vilnius Region Tartar Community, president;
Evelina Paulavičienė – Lithuanian Greek Association “Patrida”, president;
Nadiežda Petrauskienė – Russian Culture Centre member;
Gunta Rone – Vilnius Latvian Association, president;
Marija Rubaževičienė – Stephan Bator Hungarian Culture Association in Lithuania, president;
Eminat Saijeva – Baltic Chechens Community, president;
Gžegož Sakson – Polish Lawyers Union in Lithuania, president;
Larisa Sliesareva – the Union of the Belorussian Social Organizations in Lithuania, president;
Valentin Stech – Vilnius Belorussian Political Prisoners and Exiles Community, president;
Natalija Šertvytienė – Vilnius Ukrainian Community, president;
Romuald Špakovski – Lithuanian Karaits Culture Community, member;
Leonid Tregub – Baltic Ukrainian Association, president;
Leila Urmanova – Vnukova – Uzbek Culture Centre, president;
Liia Urman – Estonian Association of Lithuania, president;
Vladislav Voinič – public body “Pasaulio vilniukų suvažiavimas”, director;
Valenty Voinilo – association Polish Information Centre in Vilnius ”Info Rum”, president.


Last updated: 24-09-2018