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The Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania has prepared and submitted project “Local Roma Platforms – the Path towards Cooperation with the Municipalities” to the Secretariat-General of Justice and Consumers of the European Commission. The aim of the Project is to design the mechanism of cooperation between Roma communities and local municipalities for ensuring efficient inclusion of local level of governance into the Roma integration process. 

The Project is financed via the European Union Structural Funds. Total project value is about EUR 68 000. The Project was launched in May 2016. 

The Roma Platforms were introduced in five municipalities of Lithuania with the largest population of Roma communities. The municipalities are Vilnius city, Šalčininkai region, Panevėžys city, Šiauliai city, and Marijampolė city. In 2014 five local Roma representatives participated in a training program, which was designed for Roma people according to the European Council and the European Commission ROMED program („Mediation for Roma“). After the training program, the five Roma representatives started mediating between local Roma communities and municipal authorities in order to ensure harmonious dialogue between the two interested parties.
The Project activities include specialised training for specialists from the municipalities’ administration staff, social workers, teachers who work with Roma communities. The specialists can learn how to work with this target group. Special training courses are organized for Roma women enhancing their active role in public life. 

According to the results of the Project, a possibility to establish similar Roma platforms in other Lithuanian municipalities has been discussed. The other five municipalities would be Klaipėda city, Jovana town, Švenčionys town, Ukmergė town, and Kybartai town.

The Department of National Minorities is continuing its efforts to raise awareness through fostering of national minority culture. It therefore calls for project applications of National Minorities Culture and Integration Centres within the frame of the Integration of the national minorities in the society while preserving their identity program and the Strategic action plant 2017-2019 of the Department of National Minorities.

The National Minorities’ Culture and Integration Centres, which were established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and which performance corresponds to the operation recommendations of the National Minorities’ Culture and Integration Centres approved by the director of the Department, were invited to submit the requests.

The Recommendations of the National Minorities’ Centres.

Documents to Grant Applications:
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Last updated: 08-02-2018