Project Funding of National Minorities’ Centres

The Department of National Minorities is continuing its efforts to raise awareness through fostering of national minority culture. It therefore calls for project applications of National Minorities Culture and Integration Centres within the frame of the Integration of the national minorities in the society while preserving their identity program and the Strategic action plant 2017-2019 of the Department of National Minorities.

The National Minorities’ Culture and Integration Centres, which were established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and which performance corresponds to the operation recommendations of the National Minorities’ Culture and Integration Centres approved by the director of the Department, were invited to submit the requests.

The Recommendations of the National Minorities’ Centres.

Documents to Grant Applications:
Funding Arrangement Description of the National Minorities’ Centres
Application form

Accountability Documentation:
The Form of an Activity Report
The Form of the Financial Statements


Last updated: 09-02-2018