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Funded Programs

The Department Of National Minorities Under The Government Of The Republic Of Lithuania issues a call for proposals with a view to the awarding of grants to fund national minorities’ cultural projects within the frame of the Integration of the national minorities in the society while preserving their identity program. The Department simultaneously implements the instrument of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to reduce social and economic disparities in regions inhabited by large minority populations. 

The Categories of Project Proposals:

  1. The Dissemination of National Minorities Culture.
  2. The Dissemination of National Minorities Culture and Cultural Cooperation in the South East Lithuania.
  3. The Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue and the Dissemination of the National Minorities’ Culture in the Mass Media.

Funded Projects In 2018:



Funded Projects In 2017:



Funded Projects In 2016:





Documents to Grant Proposals:

The Description of Funding Arrangements

The Form of a Proposal

Contract Documentaton:

The Form of the Contract

The Form of an Outlay

Accountability Documentation:

The Form of an Activity Report

The Form of the Financial Statements

Last updated: 07-02-2018