ECRI General Policy Recommendations

The abridged versions of ECRI General Policy Recommendations (GPR) with their simple language and attractive design aim to raise public awareness about issues related to racism and racial discrimination and ways of preventing and combating them.

The texts contain reference to the original GPR and its explanatory memorandum, as well as to other publications on the specific issue.

Effective implementation of the GPRs clearly requires the involvement and commitment of a wide range of private and non-governmental actors, in addition to public ones. With this initiative, ECRI aims to reach and raise the interest of a public larger than the governments of the Council of Europe member States to which the GPRs are formally addressed.

ECRI General Policy Recommendation No.5:Combating intolerance and discrimination against Muslims

ECRI General Policy Recommendation No.9: The fight against antisemitism

ECRI General Policy Recommendation No.10: Combating racism and racial discrimination in and through school education

ECRI General Policy Recommendation No.11: Combating racism and racial discrimination in policing

ECRI General Policy Recommendation No.15: Combating Hate Speech

ECRI General Policy Recommendation No.16: Safeguarding irregularly present migrants from discrimination

Last updated: 12-04-2018