First statistical survey on nationality, native language and religion 


2021 01 20


Statistics Lithuania started statistical survey on population by nationality, native language and religion from 15 January onwards. Interviewers will ask the respondents about their nationality, mother tongue, foreign languages knowledge and religious affiliation during the survey.

These indicators were previously collected through the population and housing censuses.  The latest official estimates of the 2011 population and housing census provided information about Lithuanian population comprising 154 nationalities. Every third resident reported he/she can speak two foreign languages. The residents belonged to 59 different religious communities.

Whereas the 2021 census will be carried out on the basis of administrative data, in response to the needs of users and in order to maintain continuity and compatibility of indicators, this information shall be collected through statistical survey.

The online survey shall be carried out until 17 February. The residents are invited to sign in online at and participate in the survey. The residents will have to enter their personal data (ID code and valid document number) or use the E-Government Gateway to sign in. It only takes a few minutes to answer the four questions and fill in the questionnaire.

To ensure the quality and representativeness of the results of the statistical survey, after the online survey is over there will be about 40 thousand people, who have not participated in the online survey, randomly selected from the Population Register and interviewed by the interviewers.

The data on nationality, native language and religion will be provided together with the results of the Population and Housing Census 2021.

We kindly invite all residents to actively participate in the statistical survey:

Short video presentation of the survey:

Contact details for this statistical survey: 
Population and Hosehold Department
Tel. (+370 5) 236 4921